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Starting point

Dar Sara didn’t have any plan, and not knowing whom it should target or what to do to increase sales, they were running some ads on various platforms by an unexpert freelancer, and the CPL was too high.


Prepare a strategic marketing plan, run ad campaigns on google and social media, reduce the CPL by half, and retarget with email marketing.


We have audited previous advertising campaigns, analyzed competitors’ offers, prepared new advertising creatives and tested many hypotheses to reduce CPL.


We have formed ads which have been based on trends, and also, we used authorial video invitations. The promotion was due to organic traffic and targeted advertising.


We have launched 10 ad campaigns on Instagram with different creatives and target audiences to determine the best direction.

Receiving 129 orders for 400AED, of which 10 were sales with an average bill of 150.000 AED and increasing brand awareness.

More applications than the number specified in the contract.

223% Improved website conversion

87% Averaged engagement, exceeding the target

9 Minimum online inquiries per day

To create something truly unique 👍👍👍, we tapped

into the brand’s key differentiator for Social Media

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