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o3 wellness

Starting point

O3 was a new wellness centre; they had an unfiled account of 60 followers,

mostly friends and family. They promoted their services through personal recommendations and wanted to attract new clients.


We have prepared an attractive design for the Instagram account.

We have made a media plan with the client to entice new followers.

We have checked ten hypotheses of advertising creatives and built optimal target audiences


Creating a unique design for their Instagram account.

Building an advertising strategy to attract new clients.

Constant optimization of advertising to reduce the cost per click.


Increase their sales by about 40% in 2 months.

We built the O3 brand, which has continued to function and attract new customers.


Starting point

They wanted to start advertising their services in Abu Dhabi. But first, they needed a website and landing page.


We’ve made a landing page with a visual demonstration of all residential complexes, formed hypotheses based on target audience pains, analyzed the competitors, and developed the leading unique offers which valuable for customers. Then, run ads in Google, monitoring and optimizing.


Receive booking online and increase their sales thru Google ads.


Drastically exceeded expectations of the client with ten bookings a day and increased sales with a 350% ROI


Starting point

New business which wishes to be set up in Dubai and focus on a specific niche.


We have audited the client’s landing page and given recommendations for increasing the site conversion; analyzed the target audience and the competitors; formed a well-tested financial model with projected figures for the lead’s cost.


Create a website with payment gateway, create new social media accounts and develop an integrated strategy in targeted advertising and attraction of new clients.


We have attracted 156 new clients and increased the company’s turnover by four times.


Starting point

No active social media accounts, old website with many errors, and no focus on specific keywords.


We developed a new website with a content-focused SEO strategy to produce sustained traffic over time.

Moreover, to rank for targeted keywords while broadening ranking topics and building more than 4.1k links to increase topical authority.

We also increase their engagement in their LinkedIn and social media accounts by posting regularly.


BSA wanted to establish visibility to attract more clients, drive community engagement, and redesign the website.


Through keyword research, BSA identified page optimization opportunities to raise local profile and generate more conversions.


They earned a 561% increase in search traffic, grabbing #1-3 positions for competitive, high-volume search terms.

3.7k new followers in their LinkedIn account

430% Organic engagement reached

180% Increase in more inbound leads


Starting point

The restaurant didn’t have a website, sales funnel, or engaging social media content.


Created a new website with SEO-friendly content focusing on specific keywords to rank organically.

Filled out their Instagram account with engaging content and the use of influencer Marketing.

Launch targeted advertising in meta and google, and also use email marketing to bring prospects back into the sales funnel.


Taking the restaurant online and increasing brand awareness and footfall.


ncrease sales by about 25%; also, 2300 targeted followers have been attracted to their Instagram account.

3600+ Organic Engagement

83% Averaged engagement, exceeding the target

13 Minimum online inquiries per day


Starting point

There isn’t a selling account and steady number of applications from social media.


We have customized the segmented targeted advertising, put up posts in automated communities, and brought posts to the top due to the usage of hashtags and geolocation.


Attracting clients via integrated development social networks Facebook, Instagram and target advertising.


Steady flow of clients from social networks

100% Strong brand image

79% more sales among 18- to 34-year-olds


Starting point

Dar Sara didn’t have any plan, and not knowing whom it should target or what to do to increase sales, they were running some ads on various platforms by an unexpert freelancer, and the CPL was too high.


We have audited previous advertising campaigns, analyzed competitors’ offers, prepared new advertising creatives and tested many hypotheses to reduce CPL.


Prepare a strategic marketing plan, run ad campaigns on google and social media, reduce the CPL by half, and retarget with email marketing.


We have formed ads which have been based on trends, and also, we used authorial video invitations. The promotion was due to organic traffic and targeted advertising.


We have launched 10 ad campaigns on Instagram with different creatives and target audiences to determine the best direction.


Receiving 129 orders for 400AED, of which 10 were sales with an average bill of 150.000 AED and increasing brand awareness.

More applications than the number specified in the contract.


223% Improved website conversion

87% Averaged engagement, exceeding the target

9 Minimum online inquiries per day

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